This is one of the pioneers of the video streaming domain and a widely-trusted video-on-demand service provider, with a global footprint across more than 22 countries. The web and mobile-based video-on-demand service with patented technology for a no-buffer viewing experience.


Architecture Overview




Middle Layer

Middle layer consists of two major components- Media access layer & Billing layer. As one of the market leading products, our main challenges were to handle the volume of users in multiple components. We decided to go with microservices architecture to address these challenges. We introduced test automation and CI/CD pipeline for faster and stable deployments.

Automation of RESTful Microservices

Microservice architecture comes with the need of having extensive and quick testing framework. We designed API automation framework for Billing Engine System and Content Management System middle layer. It is integrated with the CI/CD pipeline.

Tech stack included Rest Assured, TestNg, Maven, SpringBoot, Java, Google Pubsub, MySQL

Content Management System

Managing the content was another challenge, mainly ingesting the content through secure channel and transcoding it in multiple formats on demand. Transcoding takes huge hardware resources. Our goal was to provide fast results and reduce the cost of resources. In order to achieve this we designed Transcoding service and Resource provisioning manager. Transcoding service is to handle the on demand transcoding requests & Resource provisioning manager helps to provision resources for the multiple requests in parallel. Both the services are in the form of micro service. All of these services are deployed in Kubernetes pod, which are horizontally scalable.

Microservice Automation

Test data service is used for providing request json data parameters and expected data. Automation scripts trigger rest api and pass on response to validator service. In case of pub/sub communication json data is pushed to pub/sub topic & response is consumed by mock consumer. Validator service validates response with expected data



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