In the oil and gas industry, if a truck needed to carry 130 barrels of water from one location to another, representatives from both sides would have to sign off on the 130-barrel quantity, the start location, and end location—along with the time and mileage—just to start the commercial payment process from buyers to suppliers.

It’s an excessive number of checks and balances, given that increasingly sophisticated equipment, such as tank gauges, GPS, or mobile apps, stored immutably on a blockchain, can directly provide the same information without any human interaction by using blockchain to provide visibility to tank levels and locations, operators can provide truckers with the ability to better manage dispatch and scheduling. Also, by providing transparency to all movements, the trucker provides the operator with the benefit of planning and risk avoidance.




Ondiflo Data Flow

Field Data (sourced from IIoTs or SCADA when possible) are captured in Blockchain Orders and Tickets are created via Smart Contracts and pushed to Trading Partner workflows Invoices are captured in Blockchain and triggered payments and associated trade financing Documentation can also be generated via Smart Contracts and pushed to Regulators

Components Involved

  • IoT Sensors - Measure Alert Trigger
  • Blockchain smart contracts - Order, dispatch, deliver, invoice, comply
  • Trade Finance - Pay, notify, finance

Systems Involved

  • Sending System - IoT, Mobile, GPS, ERP, Database
  • Offchain - Database Workflow, Business Logic, Transformers, API
  • Blockchain - Smart Contracts, Master Data, ID Management, Transactions
  • Receiving System - Dispatching, ERP, Repository



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